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The Family Caregiver Navigator is a pilot project of the Idaho Caregiver Alliance, a coalition of individuals and organizations that have been supporting caregivers since 2012. The ICA received a grant to develop the Family Caregiver Navigator project in order to offer support and resource referrals to unpaid caregivers of Idaho.

The Mission

The mission of the Family Caregiver Navigator program is to enhance well being, connection, and support for Idaho family caregivers across the lifespan by providing person-centered navigation, custom care planning and resource referral.

Project Goals

1) Help people identify as caregivers

Help people identify, accept and engage in their role as a caregiver so they can build a strong system of support for long-term sustainability

2) Contribute positively to existing systems and services

Contribute to an integrated network of services for Idahoans; build systems with our community partners rooted in human-centered design


3) Keep Idahoans healthy and at home

Keep Idahoans healthy and living in their homes as long as possible; enhancing quality of life in order to cut down use of crisis services and long-term care facilities

Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee is a group of consulting professionals, providers, and community members who provide ideas and input into our navigation model. They identify key processes and touch points where navigators can help caregivers and connect the project with the individuals, organizations, and networks that can make that happen. They also advise the project on evaluation metrics to generate data for project sustainability and potential future expansion.

Jenny Moorman, Molina Healthcare

Kim Ouwehand, Saltzer Medical Group

Raul Enriquez, Area Agency on Aging (AAA3)

LeAnn Naillon, Living Independence Network Corporation (LINC)

Kristin Tracy, Blue Cross of Idaho

Angela Lindig, Idaho Parents Unlimited (IPUL)

Heidi Smith, Idaho KinCare/2-1-1 Careline (IDHW)

LuAnn Jensen, Boise Veterans Administration Medical Center  (VAMC)

Mark Babson, Ada County Paramedics

Lyle Nelson, St. Luke's, Community Health

Angie Gribble, St. Luke's, Community Health

Dr. Alejandro Necochea, St. Luke's, Family Medicine

Michelle Betts, St Luke's, Social Work


Glenda Gonzalez, St. Alphonsus, Community Health

Serena Young, St. Alphonsus, Integrated Care Coordination

Melissa Radloff, Legacy Corps, Jannus

Adam Kipp, FMRI, Gerontology

Francoise Cleveland, AARP

Lisa Anderson, Alzheimer's Association

Stephanie Hoffman, Family Support Partnerships and Training

Judy Taylor, Idaho Commission on Aging (ICOA)

Dieuwke Dizney-Spencer, Division of Public Health (IDHW)

Nicole Himebauch, Molina Healthcare

Beth Ultis, Money Follows the Person (IDHW)

Caleb Batchelor, Blue Cross of Idaho, Care Coordination

Ashley Bruning-McBride, Molina Health Care

Hispanic Advisory Sub-Committee

Elva Villareal, A3AA/RAP

Genoveva Winkler, Nampa School District

Martha Madero, FMR/CHW

Irma Morin, Community Council of Idaho

Estefania Mondragon, PODER of Idaho

Vicky Jekich, SLHS Health Window

Diana Gomez Romero, SLHS Health Window

Esmeralda Ramirez, Metro Community Services

Melissa Radloff, Jannus/Legacy Corps/PTC

Mari Ramos, Latino COVID-19 Task Force

Amy Bowen, Latino COVID-19 Task Force

Suzie Rios, Idaho Women's Business Center

Lynn Fyanes, Idaho Commission on Aging




Enrique Rivera, Nampa Chamber of Commerce

Norberto Solorio, Southwest District Health

Miguel Juarez, DD Council

Jesus Blanco, Terry Reilly Health Services

Sarah Seamount, SDE Migrant Education Program

Connie Kreps, WICAP/Launch Project

Heidi Caldwell, WICAP

Irene Ruiz, Idaho Org. of Resource Councils

Marisela Pesina, Caldwell School District

Corrine Tafoya-Fisher, AARP Board

Nicole Foy, COVID Outreach

Angie Gribble, St Luke's Health Systems

Cindy Esparza, Community Council of Idaho


This publication was made possible by the Money Follows the Person Grant 93.791 from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Department or the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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